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Interactive Art education for kids and teens

Art and writing classes for kids and teens with individual attention, skilled instructors, and fun individual and team projects. We intentionally keep classes small. Interested in a class that has started? Send an email or give us a ring to find out if it's still possible to attend. Often times it is!

New fall classes will post on our website July 20th

Classes for Kids

Summer 2019

We’re in full summer camp mode. Our regular after school classes start again in late August. In the meantime, enjoy one of our one-evening mini classes for kids.

Saturday Class for Teens!

Marker Techniques for Creating Depth in Cartoon Characters

Saturday, July 20th | 3:00-5:00 | Ages 11-15 (SOLD OUT)

$45.00 (All supplies included)

cartooning and markers.jpg

SCAD student and illustrator Reagan Strader leads teens in this Saturday afternoon workshop. Teens learn techniques on how to create dimension with their cartoons characters. Blending markers, adding value with color and basic color contrast are addressed. Students get hands-on instruction and plenty of time to practice with markers. If your child’s images appear flat, this workshop is a great opportunity to have him/her improve their marker blending skills. Parent Note: This class uses alcohol-ink markers.

Just Added! New Teen Class!!

Mini Pen & Ink Illustration with Watercolor

Friday, July 19th | 5:30-7:00 | Ages 12-16 (SOLD OUT)

$40.00 (All supplies Included)

reagan strader illustr. kathleen fox.jpg

Not your typical watercolor experience. Come create colorful mini ink and watercolor art. Teens create several small illustrations on 8 x 8 inch paper. SCAD student and illustrator, Reagan Strader leads this fun workshop where students learn new pen and ink techniques and apply watercolor to their illustrations to add color pops and depth. No watercolor or ink experienced needed, but an understanding of drawing is helpful.


Thursday, July 18th | 5:30-7:00 | Ages 7 and up (SOLD OUT)


Friday, July 26th | 5:30-7:00 | Ages 7 and up (SOLD OUT)

$15.00 per person (All supplies and materials included)

family 1.jpg

Put down the phones and turn off the TV. Grab your family and get out of the summer heat! Family Art Challenges are back! Host and CAMP owner Kathleen Fox keeps your art challenge top secret until the time clock starts, then families must work together to create non traditional art that meets the evening’s challenge. Expect laughter, creativity and a whole lotta’ high-fives. It’s the perfect date for the whole family!

*Note: We love family participation, however the art challenges for these evenings are best suited for kids 7 years an old. Not ideal for toddlers or preschoolers.

MOSAIC NECKLACES w/ Meryl Weber - Teens

Friday, July 19th | 5:30-7:00 (SOLD OUT)

$42.00 (All supplies and materials included)

mosaic necklaces .jpg

Grab your mom, cousins or best friends and join us for an evening of jewelry magic. No art experience necessary to create these pretty little treasures. Each student makes 2 necklaces. Mosaic artist Meryl Weber guides you on the “how to” of putting together your original pieces of art that can then be worn and admired. A fun engaging evening of art for all. Ages 12 and up.


Tuesday, August 6th | 5:00-6:30 (SOLD OUT)

$38.00 (Includes clay, glaze and firing)

creative arts of mount pleasant pottery 3.JPG

Kids get the opportunity to explore hand-building techniques while they use their imagination to make one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. This is not a "pull a pre-made piece off the shelf " kind of class. Kids make EVERYTHING from clay. And what they make will amaze you (and amaze them as well). All material and firing included. Instructor: Kathleen Fox


Thursday, August 1st | 5:00-7:00

$35.00 (All supplies included)

cat painintg.jpg

Spend an evening learning to paint animals. Instructor Jennifer Fallen guides kids to create basic animal sketches using shapes and lines then adding details to make their images come alive. Students take their sketches and apply vibrant paint to create one-of-a kind artwork.


If you're interested in private art lessons for your child, we offer that too. Please fill out the contact form and we'll email you the details.


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