Frequently Asked Questions

Kathleen Fox jumps with joy at starting CAMP.

Kathleen Fox jumps with joy at starting CAMP.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why do I see CAMP on everything?

A: It’s an acronym for Creative Arts of Mount Pleasant. 

Q: Who owns CAMP?

A: Me, Kathleen Fox. I'm a former teacher and school librarian. I spent over a decade creating educational games, books, and curriculum for schools and libraries across the US. More important, I'm an artist and a writer -  and now the owner of CAMP.  Yep, I can't stop smiling!

Q: Why did you start CAMP?

A: There weren’t enough unique art classes being offered East of the Cooper. Kids and adults were missing out on the opportunity to get creative in their own community.

Q: Can you still sign up for a class once it’s started?

A: Yes, but it requires an email to CAMP, and the approval of the instructor. We’ll prorate the cost if there is space available. Most weekly classes you can jump in, but not all of them.

Q: What if I want to take a one-day workshop. Can I just show up without registering?

A: That’s not the best idea. Though we know creative people find inspiration at any given moment, most of our instructors have put a lot of time and energy into getting things ready for their students. If you really want to attend and haven’t registered, call CAMP that day and check to see if space is available. Luck might be on your side with a yes. Here’s CAMP’s number: 843-936-6351

Q: I want to learn an art form that CAMP doesn’t offer.

A: Pleeeease tell us what you want to learn. We can make it happen. Creative Arts of Mount Pleasant wants to connect artists to students and creative thinkers to the community. We value suggestions on everything from lectures, to classes, to the color we paint our walls.  Getting feedback from the community and CAMP students make our day.

Q: How should I dress for a class?

A: Good question. Leave your favorite outfit in the closet. Though we have gear (aprons, over-sized shirts, and bandanas) shoes and shirts get the most paint, pen, glue, and clay on them. 

Q: Is there an age requirement to attend CAMP?

A: Camp is a small but might place. We're not equipped for toddlers or preschoolers. Most of our classes have age minimums because of the materials and tools we use.  

Q: What's CAMP bad weather policy?

A: We follow Charleston County's lead. If they cancelled school and after school programs because of dangerous weather conditions CAMP will, too.

Q: Does CAMP have a behavior policy?

A: Yes. We love kids and adults, but if their behavior intrudes on others being able to learn or creates a safety issue, then CAMP will kindly ask the student not to return. We hope this never happens.

Q: What's CAMP's missed class policy?

A: We know life gets tricky - sickness, traffic, unexpected obligations. If you're enrolled in one of our classes and miss a day, we can't make-up that time. We are a small art center. Our contracted instructors count on the enrollment numbers for their time, supplies, and pay. We don’t offer make-up classes. So instead, CAMP invites our families to free events and drop-ins throughout the year.

Q: What is your summer camp cancellation and refund policy?

A: Give us 30 days notice and we’ll refund 100% of your camp fee minus 4% for credit card fees. 3 weeks is 75% refund. 2 weeks is 50% refund and there is no refund the week of the registered camp should you cancel.

Q: What’s CAMP’s mission statement?

A: To create, promote, and inspire creativity and self-confidence. Words to live by. :) Kathleen

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