Plein air Weekend Workshop with Gregory Summers May 17-18th

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Gregory Summers workshop picture.jpg

Plein air Weekend Workshop with Gregory Summers May 17-18th


Plein Air Workshop

Friday May 17-Saturday May 18th

9:00-4:00 each day.

Unlimiting the Limited Palette, an Outdoor Painting Workshop with R. Gregory Summers AIS/OPS. This 2-day outdoor painting workshop is for all level artists with basic understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and painting. We will be covering the essentials of painting outside using a limited palette, with emphasis on composition. Workshop will be taught in oils outdoors on location (en plein air), 9-4 daily with instructor demo at lunch. $50.00 non-refundable deposit require to hold a spot. $200 is due by May 1st.

 Workshop Objectives:

Artists will learn how to mix and match the colors found in landscape using a limited color palette. (Ultramarine Blue, Alizarine Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow)

You will learn to understand how to easily create and use vanishing points to add depth in your art, along with the use of atmospheric perspective and its functions to help create depth.

We will touch on the basics of value, shape, and edges and how to use these to help create successful paintings.

Each day we will be painting at a new location, where there will be an ample amount of one on one instruction, coupled with demonstrations, individual and group critiques and discussion.

Focus will not be on creating finished artwork, but how to learn and improve your skills to be able to do so in the future.

Outdoor painting is not an easy task, but with the right tools and instruction it can be a fun undertaking that one looks forward to every chance they get. I hope to show you that painting outdoors on location no matter the subject, no matter the situation, with the right equipment both mentally and physically you can create wonderful working paintings as studies and or for finished pieces.

Should we have inclement weather, we will be painting indoors from studies and or photos.

Art in the Open Air 2 Day plein air workshop supply list R. Gregory Summers


IMPORTANT! • Please dress accordingly. (check the weather forecast) • I normally demo during the lunch period, bring sack lunch to eat during this time, and stool/chair to sit on.

SUGGESTED COLOR PALETTE Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White You can work with your own palette, but I suggest you try this palette. The colors listed comprise the palette that I use. This limited palette forces one to have to mix all the colors you see in the landscape. I will be instructing the workshop based on this palette in oils.

BRUSHES I like to use bristle brushes or what is referred to as “Hog Bristle” brushes along with soft synthetic brushes in the following sizes. Flats: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 If you are just going to get one or two, go with a 2 and 6

CANVAS OR CANVAS PANELS 2-3 per day You can work on stretched canvas, panels or cut pieces of canvas taped to a rigid surface. What I would like to stress is that in a workshop you should not be so concerned with coming home with beautiful finished paintings. This is the opportunity to explore new ways of looking at the landscape from a different artist’s view. I suggest bringing several smaller canvases (2 to 3) to work on each day. We can get through problems quicker in a smaller format and continue on to another painting. Suggested sizes: 9” x 12” / 11” x14”, no larger than 12” x 16”

PAINT THINNER Gamsol, or turpentine. I do not recommend odorless turpenoid except for cleaning brushes.

MEDIUM Liquin original, or Gamblin Solvent Free Gel

EASEL There are many portable easels and pochade boxes on the market. Easy L, Craftech Sienna, French Box, Day Tripper, Coulter Easel, Gloucester Easel, Soltek. Personally I shy away from the pochade boxes not liking how they are so much weight on the top of a tripod. I use the Soltek and the Day Tripper by Joshua Been

r gregory summers 913-707-8337

PALETTE I would suggest you use a palette that has a large mixing area for your paints. Do not use paper palettes outdoors, they tear, they warp, and they blow away. There are plastic ones with lids, wooden hand held ones and some of the newest ones are palettes that work with the French style easels. Some of these are referred to as “The French Companion” and the “The Easel Pal”. (the important thing is an area large enough to mix paints, the larger the better.)


Drinking water Lunch (I normally demo while you eat a box lunch) Hat or Visor Clothing to fit the weather. (check forecast, and be prepared) Shade Umbrella (There are not always shady areas to paint under. The umbrella will keep the sun off your painting surface and palette; it may also keep the sun off you too. I use the “Best-Brella” which has a very versatile clamp.) Or if you don’t like umbrella’s or in windy conditions consider an auto window shade to block the sun. Rain Umbrella (If there is light rain, we may continue to paint, oils are not effected by the water like acrylics, pastels, and watercolors. If it’s too heavy, or uncomfortable, we will go inside to paint or find suitable shelter.) Small 3x5” sketch pad for Notans Black magic marker, broad tip Wet Panel carrier (to fit panels or canvas you brought) Palette knife (thin flexible blade) Container with lid to hold paint thinner Stool or folding chair Paper towels Bug repellant, One might consider wearing panty hose, which resists ticks. Bungee cords and or spring clamps, you can’t have too many clamps Sun block or sun screen Trash bag to dispose of used paper towels. I like a reusable bag Rubber or latex gloves


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