Retied- Scarf Making Workshop

Luanne's scarf photo 2.jpg
Luanne's scarf photo 2.jpg

Retied- Scarf Making Workshop


Retied: Scarf Making Workshop

Saturday, March 25th


Instructors: LuAnn Rosenzweig & Tish Hyland

Do the men in your life have ties they never wear? Turn those neckties into “one of kind” silk scarves! This workshop cuts up those ties to transfer their colors and designs onto a exquisite silk scarf. You'll create a soft beautiful piece of “wearable art” full memories! Instructors: LuAnn Rosenzweig and Tish Hyland

All supplies are provided, except your ties. Choose bold, funky, ugly ones to get the best color results in your scarf. All neckties MUST BE 100% SILK to work.

**Kathleen's CAMP Note: This process is amazing - gorgeous scarves from the ugliest of ties.  Sign-up, your neck will thank you!

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